IT Consulting

Information Technology consulting services allow companies to implement IT strategies and solutions to achieve maximum value from the current IT initiatives.

We offer consulting in BPO, Cement and Manufacturing industries.

BI Consulting

Is your data just lying and doing nothing? We can help harness every byte of data and retrieve insight out of raw data to speed up decision making and improve business performance.

A robust BI solution that allows defining consistent business objectives and measures, monitoring the company’s progress in achieving them,analyzing the effect of introduced changes and optimising business processes typically embraces:

  • BI Solution Design and Roadmap
  • BI Implementation Strategy
  • Data quality assurance
  • Data Warehouse
  • OLAP Cubes
  • ETL Processes
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Data Science
  • User Acceptance and Adoption Strategy


Chatbots will fundamentally revolutionise how computing is experienced by everybody. - Satya Nadella We advise our clients on chat bot creation and best use of it. Chat bot can be great website companion. Your chatbot could be focused on customer service, marketing or focused on internal employees learning. If you have security concerns about hosting chatbot on cloud, we can also help you setup on-premise.

Digital Transformation

For all-round support with digital transformation planning and implementation, our IT consultants collaborate with your IT team and business managers. In close cooperation with your team, we work out new ideas with the focus on your specific business knowledge.


Analyzing situation

Before defining the destination and building a roadmap to achieve it, we study the current level of your IT development and identify the degree of your digital maturity. Our IT consultants analyze the IT component of your business and uncover threats to avoid and strong sides to focus on.

Proof-of-Concept project

We can start with a pilot project to prove that an idea is worth investments. With a successful proof-of-concept project, we provide project estimation based on your requirements. Then, it takes us about 2-4 weeks to start (or even less if the project is urgent), and we can easily scale up and down at any time.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis in NLP is about deciphering such sentiment from text. Is it positive, negative, both, or neither?

We can help you track changes to customer sentiment over time for a specific product or service. To check if

  • Things have been getting better or worse
  • Opinions of people changed over time


Whenever you need to make an estimate, forecast or decision where there is significant uncertainty, you'd be well advised to consider Simulation.If you don't, your estimates or forecasts could be way off the mark, with adverse consequences for your decisions.

Simulation modelling helps you to create digital prototypes of physical models to analyse how they work and predict their performance in the real world. Uncertainty analyses helps analysts and decision makers identify how accurate the estimations are and the likely range in which the true value fall.

We help you build and compute statistical simulations to perform uncertainty analyses.

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